Reading is among life’s most simple and relaxing pleasures. A visit to a library is an activity anyone, any age, can enjoy. At La Librairie des Enfants you’ll find a warm and welcoming destination with classic and contemporary books in French and English. The space is child friendly with plenty of places to curl up and get lost in the pages of a book. Guests are encouraged to take books off the shelves and imagine what will happen next!

  • We may be small but we have a lot of books! La Librairie des Enfants boasts over 3,000 titles!
  • Our shelves include the latest releases directly from France


We encourage guests to explore our shelves and delight in our stories. If a tale captures your heart, purchase it from our bookshop and make it yours forever.

  • The books and toys you’ll find at La Librairie des Enfants are unique
  • La Librairie des Enfants partners with leading publishers – large and small – in France
  • Special orders: If there’s something special you want, please let us know and we’ll order it for you!