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Reading is among life’s most simple and relaxing pleasures. A visit to a library or bookshop is an activity anyone, any age, can enjoy. La Librairie des Enfants is the place you and your children can go for quality time. We encourage guests to explore our shelves and delight in our stories. If a tale captures your heart, purchase it from our bookshop and make it yours forever.

The books you’ll find at La Librairie des Enfants are unique. Our curator was a librarian in France before coming to American and becoming a teacher. He has a keen eye for what resonates most with young children.

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Upcoming Petites Histoires

Free Reading Time in French this Thursday 2/09 at 3pm!


Join us for a Fun Free Reading Time in French this Thursday 2/09 at 3pm. 3 years and up.

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Snowman / Bonhomme de Neige

1/23 – 1/27/17

What is your favorite time of Winter? Making Snowmen! !  Let’s review the best Snowmen stories and see if the snowball effect sets in!

Snow / La Neige

1/30 – 2/03/17

 When the snow falls, a wind of magic blows on the city… Let’s unravel this wonderful mystery together with two beautiful stories.

Mummy is my Valentine!

2/06 – 2/10/17

There is no better declaration of love than the one of a child to his mother: why? Come and join in our session to find out!

Mummy is my Valentine! (2)

2/13 – 2/17/17

For Valentine’s Day We will propose a second week of celebration of the love of Mother and Child.

Mardi Gras

2/20 – 2/24/17

Let’s celebrate the carnival for Mardi Gras / Fat Tuesday!


2/27 – 3/03/17

Sometimes a friendship can be put on a hard test… But often the challenge makes it grow! We will study two nice tales about friendship.

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